Vasia Abatzi


I am a mixed media artist who experiments with different techniques to avoid restrictions during the creative process and to evoke a union of sensations. The aim of my work is to create empathy and dialogue based on symbolisms that are presented sometimes with irony and sarcasm, while some other times with frankness and darkness. Making artworks that are rooted in narrative, I investigate the possibility of transformation of human behaviors and beliefs.

As an artist my intention is to push the limits of comfortability. My work is influenced by my personal experiences, my life queries, the human behaviors, and stereotypes. My research is concentrated on posing questions and on inspiring people to find their voice to resist against the inequalities and stereotypes.

Short Bio

Vasia Abatzi uses video, installation, and photography, combined with animations based on video games’ aesthetics to pull the viewers out of their certainty and to place them in an alternative reality which could enhance their empathy. Her projects explore injustice, memory, human rights, feminism, and religion.

Born and raised in Greece, she holds a MSc in Marketing & Communication Specialization in International Marketing and a BSc in Marketing & Advertising. Currently she lives in the Unithed States where she pursues an MFA in Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech.

You can find the CV here.