Vasia Abatzi

I am You

Short Film

In relationships sometimes the reason for our existence is turning into an experiment of submission. The structure of human societies uses stereotypes to evoke fear towards control. But, when the time comes and the beings who have been abused start their rebellion, then their abusers face the purest and truest form of power.

Director: Vasia Abatzi
Music: Caleb Flood
Starring: Eleftheria Agioutanti

Short Film Screenings:

  • Athens Digital Arts Festival 2020 (Athens, Greece)
  • ALC Videoart Festival, MACA - Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante 2020 (Alicante, Spain)
  • Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival 2020 (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Pugnant Film Series, Winter Edition 2020 (Athens, Greece)
  • New Orleans Film Festival 2019 (New Orleans, LA)
  • CINEMA RESET: SOVA x NOLA, Cowgill Lobby 2019 (Virginia Tech, VA)
  • Data Bank 2019 (Blacksburg, VA)

Stills from the Film

The film will be uploaded in 2021.