Vasia Abatzi


Video / Animation / Projection Mapping / Performance

For centuries the political systems have tried to dominate and control the womens’ bodies. That effort can be easily seen on patriarchal countries where the prohibition of abortions is promoted. Although, the access of safe and legal abortions should be considered as a human right, there is a lack of proper regulation, health services, or political will.

Even if a minority of legislators consider abortions as a human right, by avoiding setting leglisation which will allow women to decide independently regarding their reproduction, many countries find the opportunity to make women stop exercise the right of abortion.

During my life, I always perceive the United States as a developed country. Witnessing in 2019 the United States to set state laws where women are prohibited to do abortions, even if they have been raped, it shocked me. Those events were a slap on my face as they made me realize how much more women have to fight against misogyny, patriarchy, and old-fashioned beliefs, not only in the United States, but all around the world.

This video is the result of this realization. It sarcastically comments on the male-dominant world that we all live in and it states that women are the only responsible owners of their bodies.

Stills from the short film

The short film was projected on an outdoor public wall downtown Blacksburg in Virginia as an intervention project. The performance which took place after the end of the video, ended with the dancer writing on a white board the phrase “Our bodies, Our rules.” Keeping that board on our shared MFA studio, after a couple of weeks I found a threat written on it “Wait till a man gets a hold of you.”

I perceived that threat as a written proof that fighting for our rights, means that we fight for a better world. We are all together on that and the time of change is already here.

Pictures from the presentation