Vasia Abatzi



With a crowded main street full of joy and noise, in 15 minutes, Pulaski was altered into an abandoned area. I started taking pictures when an annoyed homeless passed by me, asking me why I am losing my time by taking pictures of a dead city. My photographs are the answer to this man.

I find a deep beauty in the empty places. I get amazed by the stories, the memories that abandoned areas conceal. Pulaski was a place of antithesis for me and this is how I decided to portray it. I could not avoid the feeling of emptiness and the idea of a haunted place. Although subconsciously I was looking for every possible exit or a human presence, I got enchanted by its repellent, strange beauty.

The vision and the dream of the citizens to bring their town in life, is riddled by its reality. Pulaski is like putting together a puzzle of its forgotten beauty and its authenticity.