Vasia Abatzi

Uncontrolled Love

Video / Animation

What happens when your feelings are so intense that paralyze your thoughts and your actions? Have you ever experienced an uncontrolled deep pain in your heart waiting to explode, while at the same time you feel absolute free, liberated from the human limits? What you do when you realize that the time that you have with someone is limited? Numerous of assumptions in such a limited time, make your feelings to get out of control. You lose your mind; yourself, everything becomes bigger and intense. Is this sense of chaos the strongest illusion of our existence or it describes our life purpose? The short film was created when I was trying to adapt the following poem into visual representations.

Greek version «Σαν την αγάπη μας αυτή»

Όταν σε είδα μετά από καιρό, δεν μπορούσα τίποτα να πω
παραμόνο να σε κοιτώ.
Σε αγκάλιασα σφιχτά, να νιώσω πάνω μου ξανά
την καρδιά σου να χτυπά.
Μου ήταν δύσκολο να θυμηθώ,
πώς χωρίς εσένα εγώ να ζω.
Γιατί όταν βρίσκεις το άλλο σου μισό,
καταλαβαίνεις ότι και εγώ.
Πως μια ζωή είναι μικρή,
για να χωρέσει την αγάπη μας αυτή.

English version “A love like this”

When I saw you after a while, I couldn’t say anything.
I was just wondering you.
I tightly hugged you,
to feel your heartbeat on my body, again.
It was hard for me to remember
how I used to live without you.
When you find your significant other,
you realize the same with me;
that one life is too short for a love like this.

Stills from the Short Film

*The full video will be uploaded in 2021.